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Queensland Health
Lockheed Martin
Victoria Government

Nothing Generic - No Sameness with our Outplacement Services

Throw cookie cutter out the window!

Because at Career Stylr, we pride ourselves on offering outplacement services that break free from the generic and mundane.

So we believe in the power of customisation and reject the notion of sameness.

Therefore our approach is rooted in understanding the unique circumstances and aspirations of each individual we work with.

Our dedicated team of career experts go above and beyond to craft tailored solutions that address specific challenges and unlock new opportunities.

We combine personalised guidance, industry expertise, and an extensive network to provide a truly individualised outplacement experience.

So when you do business with Career Stylr, there's no room for generic approaches or sameness – only an exceptional service tailored to your distinct needs.

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“Your wonderful way of drawing out my experience and qualifications is second to none. You draw out people’s belief in themselves, absolutely wonderful talent.”

- Darren Wiseman, Happy Client

Whatever you need, we'll help you

Individual Outplacement Programs

Tailored support for individual career transitions, providing personalised strategies, resources, and guidance for a successful and fulfilling professional journey.

Group Outplacement Programs

Comprehensive outplacement programs designed for groups, offering collective support, resources, and targeted strategies to navigate successful career transitions together.

Career Development

Continual growth and advancement through targeted guidance, skill-building, and strategic planning for a fulfilling and successful professional journey.

What to expect

1. Personalised approach: Career Stylr takes a customised approach, tailoring our outplacement programs and career transition services to meet your specific needs and goals.

2. Expert guidance: You can expect support from experienced career coaches and industry experts who provide professional guidance throughout your transition process.

3. Comprehensive assessment: Career Stylr conducts a thorough assessment of your skills, strengths, and career objectives to create a targeted strategy for your success.

4. Job search assistance: We help with job searching techniques, resume writing, interview preparation, and networking strategies to help you secure new opportunities.

5. Skill development: Career Stylr provides resources and training to enhance your skills, ensuring you have a competitive edge in the job market.

6. Networking opportunities: You’ll have access to a vast network of industry connections and networking events to expand your professional contacts.

7. Emotional support: Transitioning careers can be challenging, and Career Stylr offers emotional support to help you navigate the emotional aspects of the process.

8. Post-placement support: We provide ongoing assistance even after securing new employment, ensuring a smooth transition and continued success.

9. Industry insights: Career Stylr keeps you updated on the latest trends and insights in your target industry, helping you stay ahead in your career.

10. Nationwide coverage: Our services are available Australia wide, ensuring that all individuals (regardless of their location) can benefit from our outplacement programs and career transition services.

Why us?

We turn bumpy career roads into smooth career transitions with our passion for delivering impactful, tailored assistance to employees facing redundancy or crossroads in their professional lives.

Expertise & Experience

Our team of outplacement professionals has extensive expertise and experience in guiding individuals through successful career transitions.

Customised Approach

We understand that each individual's needs and goals are unique. We provide personalised outplacement solutions tailored to meet their specific circumstances.

Proven Track Record

Our track record speaks for itself. We have helped 500+ people successfully transition to new roles and achieve their career goals.

Continued Support

We provide ongoing support even after individuals secure new employment, ensuring a smooth transition and long-term career success.

Client Care

Our services prioritise candidate care, offering full support, empathy, and guidance to ensure a positive and empowering transition experience.

Value for Money

Career Stylr delivers exceptional value for money with its services, providing personalised support and comprehensive assistance at a competitive price.

Exit and win

Departing employees have achieved success at these companies using our career transition service:

Queensland Health
Lockheed Martin
Victoria Government
Flight Centre

Happy clients

"I honestly cannot praise Pam enough, her professionalism is second to none and the fact she actually takes time to talk to you to determined your skills and attributes is amazing!"

May Lee, QLD 04/11/2020

"Pam is not only incredibly professional and an expert in her field, but she is also passionate and dedicated to helping you achieve your goal."

Sarah, QLD 14/05/2020

"Very punctual, professional and understanding of individual needs. Extremely knowledgeable of different industries HR requirements."

Amy, QLD 23/04/2020

"Pam assisted me in tailoring my professional brand package. I could not be more satisfied with the results. With her engaging and authentic personality, backed up with industry credibility."

Mark, QLD 21/04/2020

"Pam was so warm, engaging and professional. The branding services that Pam offers are very competitive and the turnaround was so timely and efficient."

Kim, QLD 14/04/2020

"Pam was amazing to work with. She really helped us out when we needed her. In fact, I'm not what I would have done if I hadn't found her services. Quick turnaround on CV and Cover Letter."

Erin, QLD 29/02/2020

"Pam has the talent to tap into your strengths, ditch the fluff and hone in on your USP. Her excitement and commitment to help others is infectious."

Tania, QLD 04/01/2020

"Pam captured themes that felt real to me but in ways I'd never thought about in terms of the framing and the story."

Brian, VIC 17/12/2019
Donna Devir
Donna Devir
11 May 2023
After a long absence from the corporate/office world, as well as understanding how resumes should look and feel these days, I needed help with producing a resume that captured my experience, education and transferable skills. From the first moment I spoke with Pam, I knew she was the right choice for getting my resume up to standard, as well as organising cover letters for job applications. Pam asked specific questions to flesh out a numbers of professionally presented resumes, one of which ended up landing me a position I’d hoped for. During my time working with Pam, she was very approachable, enthusiastic, positive and very skilled at her trade. The cost of her services I view as an investment in myself and my career and I now have a professionally produced resume on hand that I can tweak when necessary. I highly recommend Career Stylr - thank you, Pam!
Lisa Mariconte Community Care, Health & Well Being Coordinator
Lisa Mariconte Community Care, Health & Well Being Coordinator
8 February 2023
After being a care giver and needing to re-emerge back into work after 2 years I was nervous and unsure and lacked confidence. I was on Linked In and saw Pam's post that led to a conversation. I immediately felt at ease and she reframed my entry into the workforce into such a positive way. Not only did she create the most amazing resume but asked me what my dream job would be and curtailed the resume in that direction. The result is the job I wanted all along . The eye catching resume caught their attention which led to an interview which resulted in the prefect position . Pam was fantastic, as she celebrated my new role and continued to touch base; we even met and had coffee. Due to the experience with Pam I have referred many others who also launched into their dream positions. Pam's vivacious personality and incredible dedication to see people thrive makes her the only referral I give to others
Michelle Erica
Michelle Erica
17 December 2022
Pam is phenomenal. She draws attributes, experiences and unique qualities to make you shine in your application. Her wealth of knowledge in this field defines key performance indicators that bring attention and highlight suitability and connectivity. Pam restores confidence, capability and competency. Her consistent approach and level of understanding surpassed my expectations, and I would highly recommend Pam to each and every person I know working through this process. She brings ease and expertise to a stressful process. #Simplythebest
Keenzia Budd
Keenzia Budd
10 November 2022
What an amazing experience it was to work with Pam. Before contacting her I was feeling overwhelmed with having to write my Cover Letter and CV. And having dyslexia made it even more frustrating. From our first conversation I felt extremely comfortable with her. She allowed me to get deep into my career journey and through that, she told my story like no one else could have. She genuinely cares about your success! And is your biggest cheerleader. I appreciate her more than she will ever know. Thank you, Pam. You going above and beyond for me will never be forgotten.
Kim Rolfe
Kim Rolfe
13 October 2022
Absolutely 5 stars plus! From the moment you make contact with Pam you know you are in fantastic hands. She is so professional, kind and Intelligent. She knows how to ask the exact questions to portray the absolute best of you in your resume and cover letter. The way your skills and attributes are presented is nothing short of amazing. My resume and cover letter are so incredible, I’ve never seen my career portrayed so professionally, in fact I’ve just secured a position in the field I have wanted to work in forever thanks to Pam. I can’t thank Pam enough and she is definitely 10 stars not just 5!!!
Renée Molony
Renée Molony
10 October 2022
Pam is an incredible career stylist, it has been a life changing working with Pam to reflect and recognise my accomplishments to date! I feel empowered and excited about my next career move. Pam embodies kindness and compassion along with the ability to capture the true essence of your genius…thank you for all your hard work Pam, your attention to detail is next level. Look no further, Pam will create the resume that will allow you to put your best foot forward, along with all the support you need to land your dream role!
Sarah West
Sarah West
5 October 2022
Pam managed to capture my leadership experience in an incredibly engaging and authentic way, I can't speak highly enough of her talent in this area! She made the process so easy and managed a super quick turnaround for a role I was interested in. Thank you Pam! I've already recommended her to several people and they have experience the same level of care, support and satisfaction.
Christopher Bray
Christopher Bray
8 August 2022
Highly recommend Career Stylr. Pam makes the overall experience enjoyable, insightful and easy.
Shane Talbot
Shane Talbot
4 July 2022
Pam was amazing, within a few days she had completely transformed my Resume and Linkedin Profile, I would highly recommend Career Stylr to anyone looking to progress their career aspirations.
Kenny Kuang
Kenny Kuang
17 May 2022
Pam is amazing at what she does and will make everything as easy as possible for you. Highly recommend if you need to a resume or cover letter !

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