In the competitive job market of today, it’s crucial for job seekers to stand out and make a lasting impression on recruiters and HR managers. With so many qualified candidates competing for limited positions, presenting yourself in the best possible light is essential. We share some inside tips from leading recruiters and hr managers so you can stand out from other candidates.

It all starts with your resume and cover letter. Recruiters and hiring managers are busier than ever, receiving a high volume of resumes and cover letters. This is your first step, tailor your resume and cover letter to the specific job you’re applying.

Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letter

As Jess Munday, the co-founder and People and Culture Manager from Custom Neon, explains:

“As a hiring manager, I have 100s of applications to look through. I give each application a quick glance to determine what experience an applicant has. Therefore, a resume or cover letter NEEDS to be clear and to the point and designed to showcase the relevance to the role that you are applying for.”

Jess also says attention to detail is a must, and it will make a huge difference when tailoring your resume and cover letter to the specific job you are applying for. The cover letter allows you to express your passion for the role and demonstrate your understanding of the company’s values. Write a captivating cover letter tailored specifically to the organisation you’re applying to.

Another crucial tip Jess shares is the common use of buzzwords. She explains that they are too wordy and common phrases used by candidates, making it difficult for recruiters and hr managers to identify “specific skills the applicant has from their work history”. Jess shares that being straight to the point and fact-based in your resume is better than adding common impressive words.

It’s also essential to add some personality to your resume. Jess explains that it helps you to stand out from the crowd. “This could be a splash of colour, a photo or an appealing layout and design of a resume.”

Interview Process

When it comes down to the interview process, a little research comes a long way. One of the most impressive things a candidate can do during an interview is showcase in-depth company knowledge. Researching the company thoroughly is essential to gain insights into its history, values, recent achievements, and industry position. This will demonstrate how prepared you are for the job. Jess adds:

“A little homework goes a long way. When you walk into an interview knowing Custom Neon’s culture, products, and values, you’ll more likely respond to questions with confidence. Researching the company beforehand, practising interview questions, and preparing questions for the interviewer are key aspects of standing out”.

Interviews can be nerve-wracking, but thorough preparation can make a world of difference. Practice with a list of common interview questions. This can help you to feel confident and prepared for the interview. Depending on which role you’re applying for, showcasing your portfolio during the interview is a must! Once you have aced your resume and cover letter and get to the interview process, the next step is to ensure you have the right portfolio to showcase.

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Portfolio Showcase

Co-founder and president at Gro, Jonathan Zacharias, explains that a portfolio showcasing your work is essential to stand out in a job interview.

“This can include examples of projects you have completed, presentations you have given, or any other relevant work samples. Bringing a physical portfolio allows the interviewer to see tangible evidence of your skills and accomplishments, which can help you stand out from other candidates who may only talk about your achievements.”

By doing this, Jonathan also says that it shows how you’re prepared for the interview and your attention to detail, “showing that you have taken the time to curate and present your work in a professional manner”.

Jess also shares the same tip regarding the portfolio, “If you are applying for a creative or technical role, showcasing your portfolio is so important. We’re always on the lookout for candidates who can demonstrate their talents with examples”.

Showcasing your portfolio is a way to stand out from other candidates and shows the hr manager your preparedness for the job interview. As Jess explains, it helps you tell a story about your experiences and what you can bring to the role.

Leveraging the Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become a powerful tool for professionals to connect and network with potential employers. Maintaining an up-to-date and compelling LinkedIn profile is a must to optimise your use of LinkedIn when it comes down to job hunting. Your profile must have a professional photo, a well-crafted summary, and relevant endorsements. LinkedIn can also be a direct connection to recruiters and hr managers.

Jess explains that applying for a job through LinkedIn can be a great way to communicate directly with the hiring manager.

“If you are applying for a job on LinkedIn that you know you have the relevant experience for. It can help to direct message the hiring manager to express your enthusiasm for the opportunity whilst adding a sentence explaining why you are suitable and passionate about the position”.

Demonstrate your strong online presence with relevant connections on LinkedIn. You can also engage in industry-related discussions and showcase thought leadership by publishing insightful articles or posts. LinkedIn is a great tool to help you get that job you have been dreaming about, so use it to your benefit.

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It’s crucial that you stay true to yourself and your skills. By doing this, you’ll stand out to the hiring team. Jess adds, “Authenticity, preparation, and communication are key factors that will help you resonate with a hiring team.”

Remember, job hunting is not merely about meeting the requirements but showing potential employers why you are the best fit for their organisation. So, craft your unique story, showcase your skills, and seize the opportunities that await you in your career journey.

Now, take these insights and put them into practice.

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