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Have you ever seen the power of a tiny pebble when thrown into a serene lake? It’s not just about the splash it makes, but the ripple effect it generates, spreading far and wide. That’s what your choices and decisions can do, sparking powerful waves of change that can shape the world. Today, we invite you to explore how your everyday choices can lead you to an exciting career in environmental, social, and governance (ESG) – a career where your actions could potentially trigger the next big transformation.

Shining a Spotlight on Everyday Champions in ESG

Megan McKenzie: Unleashing the Power of Collective Consciousness

Transitioning from an established HR career that spanned two decades, Megan McKenzie tackled a formidable challenge head-on – unveiling the grim reality of modern slavery hidden in business supply chains. Grounded in the understanding that modern slavery isn’t a question of ‘if’, but ‘where’, Megan raised awareness of this shadowy issue, triggering a wave of mindful action. Her efforts to build bridges between individuals and businesses and contribute significantly to anti-human trafficking initiatives are testimony to the phenomenal change that collective consciousness can bring.
Echoing Megan’s courageous stance, another trailblazer, Dr. Gloria Carter, has been steadily crafting impactful changes within her organisation and beyond.

Dr. Gloria Carter: Sculpting Profound Transformation

Dr. Gloria Carter is more than just a powerhouse of change at Third Generation People. She is a masterful navigator who deftly steers the intricate course of quality, safety, environment, and disability services towards ISO & NDIS certification. Her distinguished career, spanning over forty years, is marked by transformative award-winning initiatives that harmonise strategy, people, and systems into efficient and ethically conscious organisations. But the impact of Dr. Carter’s work doesn’t stop at her professional borders. She also extends her passion into her community, offering generous support to those burdened by poverty and actively fostering inclusion. Through her multifaceted efforts, Dr. Carter not only sets an example, but also empowers us all to translate compliance into significant, tangible actions for a brighter, more sustainable future.

Walking a similar path of conscious business, Gilly Nixon is revolutionising the world of consumerism through her sustainable practices.

Gilly Nixon: The Conscious Brands Unicorn

Gilly Nixon, a prosperous entrepreneur turned ‘Conscious Brands Unicorn,’ has interwoven business success with planet-friendly choices. Her influence has connected businesses with ethically focused brands, igniting a significant shift in consumer behaviour and inspiring businesses to adopt cruelty-free products. By transforming everyday spaces like bathrooms into kindness sanctuaries, Gilly’s journey underscores that profitability and compassion can coexist.

In parallel, Peta Rumble has brought about a sea change in sourcing practices across industries.

Peta Rumble: Crafting Ethical Sourcing

Peta Rumble is a transformative force in strategic sourcing, bringing together organisations, supply partners, and community groups for over two decades. By tracing product origins, Peta has revolutionised sourcing across diverse industries, placing sustainability, trust, and responsible sourcing at the forefront of business. She doesn’t just adapt to change, she orchestrates it, shaping a future that’s accountable and sustainable.

These trailblazers highlight the boundless possibilities within the ESG and social impact sphere.

Charting Your Course in ESG Career Pathways

The ESG landscape offers a myriad of roles that cater to a wide spectrum of skills and interests. Whether you’re an enthusiast of research and data analysis, corporate strategy, or communication, there’s a role tailored just for you. Let’s take a brief look at some exhilarating career pathways in the ESG realm:

Public Policy / Public Service

Professionals in this sphere often work with government bodies or intergovernmental organisations, crafting, implementing, and evaluating policies around sustainability, social responsibility, and governance. This could involve research, stakeholder consultation, drafting policy proposals, or consensus building among decision-makers.


ESG consultants guide businesses and other organisations on integrating ESG principles into their operations. This could range from conducting ESG audits, strategizing sustainability, training staff, or advising on ESG performance reporting. Consultants also assist clients in understanding and complying with relevant laws and regulations.


ESG journalists play a pivotal role in creating awareness about ESG issues, reporting on field trends and developments, and holding organisations accountable for their performance. This could involve investigative reporting on climate change, workers’ rights, corporate governance, and more, creating content that engages and educates the public.

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

Professionals within NGOs play various roles, including advocacy, research, capacity building, or direct service provision, working to influence policy, raise awareness, support the implementation of ESG practices, or provide services to communities impacted by issues like climate change or social inequality.


ESG activists are at the forefront of change, pushing for progress on environmental, social, and governance issues. This could involve organising protests, initiating campaigns to influence public opinion or policy, engaging in direct action, or rallying movements and coalitions.

Remember, the exact nature of these career pathways can vary depending on the organisation, its industry, and the specific ESG program. As the ESG domain continues to evolve, new roles and specialisations are bound to emerge.

Embracing an ESG Career: Taking the First Steps

Are you primed to dive into an ESG career and generate your own transformative waves? Here’s how to get your journey underway:

  • Learn: Familiarise yourself with topics like sustainability, ethical supply chains, corporate responsibility, and social impact. Gaining relevant certifications will also provide a significant boost.
  • Act: Seek roles or projects that resonate with your interests in sustainability and social impact. Real-world experiences, whether through volunteering or launching a green initiative at work, are invaluable.
  • Connect: Network with ESG professionals. Platforms like LinkedIn, industry events, and webinars provide excellent opportunities to exchange ideas and learn from seasoned veterans.

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Are You Ready to Make Waves?

Embarking on an ESG career may seem like a bold move, but as our ESG leaders have demonstrated, the impact you can make is truly monumental. Remember, every decision you make creates ripples that radiate outwards. So, what kind of waves are you ready to create?

Pam Foster is a former hiring manager ready to help you land your dream career. She shares job search strategy insights with one simple goal – to help you stand out, captivate and impact hiring managers.

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