The moon is seen as a feminine symbol. It’s the womanhood cycle and a beautiful force that can impact everything around us, from ocean waves to our own emotions. In many traditions, the lunar calendar is still used, and in today’s modern-day world, many moon lovers believe in a deep connection between humans and the moon cycles.

The moon’s power can affect more than just your mood and emotional cycles. The moon phases can help you set goals, connect with your inner wisdom and create more abundance. You can embrace the moon cycles for your career. Aligning your energy with the phases of the moon can help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself, your career and your intentions for your job.

The Moon Phases

New Moon: This is the time for new beginnings. The new moon brings fresh starts, beginnings literally and figuratively. It’s a time for excitement and possibilities. So embrace it! This is the phase of intent and self-discovery, so used and manifest. Make it work for you. Ask questions here what do you desire? What do you want for your career? Picture your goals and aspirations. Create a visual representation or a vision board.

Crescent Moon: The crescent moon phase will test you. Here you may feel like old habits will want to come back, making you question yourself but know that this is part of the cycle. Trust yourself and your ability to adapt and learn. Remember to relax into your career intentions and trust the process. You’ll want to nourish your inner self to build your resources and forces for the next moon phase cycle so you can push forward.

First Quarter Moon: This is the time to take action and move through any blocks you may face. Work with the moon’s energy and focus on what you need to do to achieve your intentions from the New moon phase. Push yourself to move through obstacles, so the vision you set on the New Moon phase will develop and grow. Use your energy to move through any fear or resistance you may face.

Gibbous Moon: This moon phase is where you need to trust the process, sit back, and allow your goals to manifest. It’s essential to stop criticising yourself or the process. You can review your intentions and vision and see if any changes need to occur. This phase is about taking the time to learn and trust the process.

Full Moon: The full moon phase is where the moon is most bright, and this is where you’ll get the full support of the moon on your intentions. This can also mean that you may have to tweak your goals and intentions, and the full moon phase is the best time to do so. The full moon phase is the perfect time to look at your goals and career intentions and take action to bring them to life. It’s time to make plans, take formative steps forward, and accept guidance and help.

Disseminating Moon: This moon phase is the perfect time to pause and be grateful. Here you can share your thoughts and experiences with others and reflect on the lessons learnt. It’s an important step to reflect and ask questions about how your vision and goals can reflect on others. Being open to receiving whatever comes your way is crucial in this moon phase. Remember to accept, acknowledge the process and move on.

Third Quarter: This moon phase is all about transition and completion. It’s time to give one final push to your vision and goals and listen to your intuition and act so you can bring your vision to fruition. This is the final stage, so push through, make final adjustments and trust yourself to move forward.

Balsamic Moon: In the final lunar phase, you can relax and make room for the future. This is your opportunity to reflect on your visions and goals through all the moon phases and allow yourself to heal so you can prepare yourself for the next cycle.

Use the moon cycles to embrace your profession, so you can set goals and create intentions for your next career move or aspirations. You can also plan your work and life to stop burning out all the time. Through the power of the moon cycles, you can allow true abundance to enter your life so you can set career goals and visions for your cycle.

How To Create Your Ritual:

  1. Take note of when the New Moon Phase starts.
  2. Write down your goals and intentions.
  3. Remember to write in the first person. For example, I want to work on my resume so I can get (insert job)
  4. Write down your steps to achieving those goals, and remember to use the first person again!  
  5. Read them out loud so you can hear what you are manifesting/intending
  6. Reflect on what you have written and edit if needed
  7. You can also edit your intentions/goals on each new moon cycle.
  8. Remember to be grateful as your goals/intentions come to life.

Take action Now

Embracing the moon cycles to help your career can be your first step to acting when it comes to job hunting, asking for a pay rise or going for a job change. Careerstylr can help your next move. You are unique, so it should be your resume and cover letter. Take action so you can land your next big gig.

Camila Griffin is an experienced journalist and content writer who expresses herself through the power of words. She graduated from The University of Queensland in 2008 and further her studies at Griffith University in 2015. As a content writer, her goal is to write compelling stories to showcase her clients' work.