Have you ever thought you were born to follow a specific path? Have you ever wondered why certain strategies that worked for your teammates didn’t work for you? Welcome to the world of Human Design. This may sound very scientific and out of this world, but Human Design (HD) serves as a map to compass how you live your life in your highest alignment. Remember, you are not like everyone. You have a unique blueprint that helps guide you on how to best interact with the world. 

Human design is calculated using birth date, time and place to help reveal your genetic plan. This translates to a map, a manual that shows how unique you are. By knowing your human design and who you are, you can stop chasing who you are not and live out your real purpose in the world. 

Your career path is no different to human design, so how can Human Design help your career path? Does the day and time you came into this world make any difference to your profession? How can you implement your human design discoveries into your career path? There’s a lot to get through in HD but let’s start at the beginning.

What is Human Design?

As you know, how your life unfolds depends on every decision you make. Human Design is a study and system that can provide valuable tools to help you self-discover and make correct decisions. Understanding your energy type, authority, strategy, profile and incarnation cross allows you to tune into what serves you best and what doesn’t. 

Using a human design graph will show you a concrete map of your own nature, and it will provide you with simple tools that you can use for making correct decisions. This will give you the opportunity to discover yourself and begin to understand and accept your very nature.

Human Design 4 Energy Types: 

Manifestors: They represent about 9% of the population, and they are the ones who initiate ideas. They have a very powerful impact on those people around them. Their strategy is to inform those around them of their decision before they take action. 

Generators: Representing 70% of the population, generators are the ones that get things moving. They are the builders, so their strategy is to respond and not initiate.  

Projectors: They represent about 20% of the population and are the second most common ones. They are the ones who guide people and processes and are natural at mastering systems. Their strategy is to wait for an invitation and recognition. 

Reflectors: The rarest one, representing about 1% of the population. Reflectors are the ones who evaluate how things are going. They process experiences in a very different way from other types. Their greatest gift is to read others and their environment.

How To Human Design Your Career Path

Having the opportunity to know exactly what you were meant to do and be can be very helpful when you are on the lookout for jobs or want a career change. You may find that strategies that have worked for teammates may not work for you. So knowing your blueprint, aka human design, is a beneficial way to get your head, plans and work in line with your blueprint. 

As Pam says, “Human design is a groove roadmap to your authentic self. It helps unlock your magnetism and create an energetically aligned life. It’s about learning more about Who You Truly Are and embodying your unique design.” 

My Human Design Experience 

I was curious to find out how all of these worked. I personally experienced what my own Human Design map says about me and my career. Here is what Pam Foster has uncovered about me:

“You’re a Generator with a Sacral authority. You are designed to be a do-er in a creative field, which is likely why you’ve found yourself in this line of work. Having a defined sacral energy centre (the red square below) means you have consistent access to the energy you need to create, build and sustain life. The coloured boxes below represent your fixed energy centres that house your innate gifts. Where are the open centres are where you will experience life’s greatest lessons. The best way for you to make decisions in life is by following your gut feeling. Always follow those HECK YES’ in life! You’ve also got a 6/2 Profile which means your karmic role is finding the balance between becoming an example of embodied wisdom and needing alone time.”

Everything she told me was on point with how I do things, what I do and how I react to specific actions, and I must say it was all very much on point. 

Human Design Chart for Camila Griffin
My Human Design Chart

Your Human Design and Career Path 

If you want to uncover more about who you are and how it can relate to your career, contact Pam Foster from Career Stylr. Pam can help translate your human design into more interviews, job offers, promotions, opportunities and pay rises. Unlock your true potential now!

Camila Griffin is an experienced journalist and content writer who expresses herself through the power of words. She graduated from The University of Queensland in 2008 and further her studies at Griffith University in 2015. As a content writer, her goal is to write compelling stories to showcase her clients' work.