When you want to build a strong and healthy body, you head to the gym to find a personal trainer.  Someone to guide you on your fitness path and hold you accountable for your results.   Just like a personal trainer, a Career Coach will help guide you, give you advice and hold you accountable when working towards your career and lifestyle goals.


1.  You’re in a career rut

We’ve all been there – we hit a plateau in our career or crave something different.  It’s human nature to seek out things that bring us joy.  You could be stuck making a big decision and unsure which pathway to take.  A Career Coach can help you identify what’s really important to you and guide you on a path to success.

2.  You’re unhappy

You might find yourself in a job that no longer lights you up or maybe your boss is driving you bonkers.  You may not be interested in your field of expertise anymore.  You are looking to get that happiness hits through new hobbies, relationships, indulgent food or anything else that will ease the unhappiness.

Working with a Career Coach will help you uncover your values.  From there, your coach can help you link your values to a goal and career path that truly lights you up.

3.  You’re ready for the next step

You are full of potential and ready to move and shake your career.  This is a great time to engage a Career Coach.  When you’re vibrating at a high level, you are ready to grow and stretch yourself to new heights.  A Career Coach will sense check your goals, hold you accountable and encourage you to push beyond your wildest dreams.  


The fees and packages offered by Career Coaches vary greatly – so don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best deal for your situation.  The sessions are usually paid upfront for a number of hours with the Coach.  

Career Stylr offers private coaching at a lower cost to many large coaching firms.   We offer prospective clients a  free initial consultation.  It’s like a chemistry session – a chance to gauge the vibe between you and the Coach.  

As for the time scales, career coaching can take anywhere from one session to a full-year program with monthly sessions or check-ups.  Enquire today to find out what coaching program would be right for you!

Pam Foster is a former hiring manager ready to help you land your dream career. She shares job search strategy insights with one simple goal – to help you stand out, captivate and impact hiring managers.