Elevate your career journey with our Career Energetics Session, a guided Human Design reading uniquely designed to unleash your full potential.

This unique experience combines ancient wisdom and modern techniques to help you understand your strengths and make career choices aligned with your abilities.

Exploration of your:

  • Natural Talents & Skills: Uncover your inherent abilities that can catapult your career.
  • Preferred Roles: Identify the roles that naturally resonate with you in work environments.
  • Authentic Work Conditions: Discover the environment that enables you to thrive professionally.
  • Decision Making Approach: Understand your unique decision-making style based on three key components.
  • Authentic Leadership Style: Explore your genuine leadership traits and learn how to use them effectively.
  • Motivation and Cognition: Grasp your internal drive and thought processes, key factors in personal development.
  • Development Potential: Gauge your potential for growth and success in your chosen field.


  • Live, 60-minute personalised reading conducted over Zoom, giving you a safe and comfortable space to explore.
  • Exclusive access to an informative Energy Type & Authority Video, prepared to enhance your understanding prior to the session.
  • Comprehensive 10+ page Genius Report, providing in-depth insights into your unique design.
  • Your own Human Design Bodygraph, a visual representation of your energetic blueprint.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our Career Energetics Session, and empower yourself to create a fulfilling and successful career path that aligns with your true essence.